Search Widget Quick Start

Easy-to-use Google Geocoding Search Box & Woosmap Recommendation Javascript Widget
  1. Introduction
  2. Settings Overview

This API has been deprecated and replaced with MultiSearch JavaScript Library.


The Woosmap Search Widget aims to ease the embedding of a location search box and recommended store in your website. It’s a lightweight JavaScript library to quickly implement Google Geocoding and Woosmap Recommendation. Feel free to fork it and download it from our Woosmap GitHub organization, or use the hosted and updated online version.

        <script src=""></script>


To instantiate the Search Widget, you need to build a new RecommendationPlugin object . This constructor take 2 arguments:

        new wgs.searchwidget.RecommendationPlugin('#HTMLcontainer', {"woosmapKey":"xxxx"});


Please, refer to the Sample Usage to see full widget integration.

Settings Overview

Please refer to the Search Widget Reference to see all adjustable settings. Below is a summary of mandatory parameters. Be aware that the Woosmap Automatic Recommendation is disabled by default. See User Privacy and Automatic Recommendation topic to understand how to deal with this feature.

Woosmap Settings

You need to specify at least your Woosmap Public Key (e.g. {"woosmapKey":"woos-cf14e463-xxx-xx"}).

Google Settings

Specify your Google Client ID (e.g. {"google":{ "clientId": "gme-mycompany"}}).

Translations Settings

The tool can be displayed in different languages. Define the preferred lang parameter when building your config object (e.g. {"lang": "en"}). and set the following key parameters.

Summary Store Attributes

Recommendation Widget Translation Attributes

Search Store

Recommendation Widget Translation Attributes

Store Selection

Recommendation Widget Translation Attributes

No Results

Recommendation Widget Translation Attributes