Google Places to Woosmap

  1. Prerequisites
  2. Google Places
  3. Request Google Places API

In this tutorial you will learn how to connect to Google Places API using Google API Key get the required data, convert and import them to Woosmap.


To run this tutorial, you’ll need:

Google Places

Get data from the same database used by Google Maps and Google+ Local. The Google Places API returns information about places — defined as establishments, geographic locations, or prominent points of interest.

This tutorial is provided to help you get the Places attributes from their IDs (we collected an arbitrary list of Museum Places IDs, hosted here). Place IDs uniquely identify a place in the Google Places database and on Google Maps.

You can use several samples to get a Place ID from a search or modify the script to do a Nearby Search. A Nearby Search lets you search for places within a specified area. You can refine your search request by supplying keywords or specifying the type of place you are searching for.

Request Google Places API

Instead of building our own wrapper around Google Places, we used the python-google-places wrapper. To install it using pip, simply run this command in your terminal of choice:

        $ pip install python-google-places


Please refer to on GitHub.

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