Configure the Autocomplete Widget

Explore all configuration parameters to tune the widget.
  1. Default Configuration
  2. autocomplete config
  3. search config
  4. google config
  5. woosmap config
  6. Examples

This API has been deprecated and replaced with MultiSearch JavaScript Library.

The Widget is highly customizable. Asides from defining how you would like to search in Woosmap Localities and Google Places, you can control the fallback between one and the other based on Fuzzy string matching ratio. If you need to support a new parameter, add it first to the default configuration file.

Default Configuration

Here is the full default configuration:

        let defaultConfig = {
    autocomplete: {
        minChars: 2,
        maxItems: 5,
        autoFirst: true,
        sort: false,
        debounceTime: 100,
    search: {
        minRatio: 75,
        breakpointRatio: 100,
        fallbackWoosmap: true
    google: {
        clientId: '',
        apiKey: '',
        channel: '',
        librariesToLoad: ['places'],
        version: '3',
        componentRestrictions: '',
        fields: ['address_component', 'adr_address', 'formatted_address', 'geometry', 'icon', 'name', 'place_id', 'type', 'url', 'vicinity'],
        useSessionTokens: true
    woosmap: {
        projectKey: '',
        componentRestrictions: '',
        types: [],
        data: 'standard',
        language: ''


autocomplete config

These parameters control the behaviour of autocomplete.

Option Description Default
minChars Minimum characters the user has to type before the autocomplete popup shows up 2
maxItems Maximum number of suggestions to display. Best practice to let it default to 5. Could be set between 1 and 10 as Woosmap Localities and Google Places return both 5 results. 5
autoFirst Should the first prediction element be automatically selected? true
sort Controls if list items are ordered by string matching ratio. if set to false, predictions are displayed as they come. false
debounceTime Time in miliseconds before executing the autocomplete requests when user type (cf. debounce function). 100

search config

Use to manage the Fuzzy string matching ratio values before fallback to google places.

Option Description Default
minRatio Minimum string matching ratio. If calculated ratio of autocomplete item is under this value, the item is deleted from autocomplete predictions list 75
breakpointRatio Controls the Fallback to Google Places. Do not search and populate predictions response with Google Places in case Woosmap Localities return at least one item with required breakpointRatio 100
fallbackWoosmap Controls if you want to display Woosmap Localities even with insufficient ratio (minRatio not reached) in case Google Places returns no results true
fallbackWoosmapAddress Controls if you want to call Woosmap Address API instead of Google Places false

google config

The Google Places configuration. Google Places is loaded asynchronously with this option if not already present in your integration. Otherwise, your included google places library will be used.

Option Description Default
clientId ClientID of your google license ''
apiKey API Key of your google license ''
channel Channel to track usage of your google license ''
librariesToLoad load specific google libraries ['places']
version load specific google version 3
componentRestrictions restrict search by componentRestrictions. cf. documention {}
fields Fields returned by a call to Google Places getDetails request. cf. documention ['address_component', 'adr_address', 'formatted_address', 'geometry', 'icon', 'name', 'place_id', 'type', 'url', 'vicinity']
useSessionTokens Use Session Token for billing purpose. cf documention true

Javascript Snippet used to check that Google places is already loaded:

        if (typeof google === "object" && typeof google.maps === "object" && typeof google.maps.places === "object"){}


woosmap config

The Woosmap Localities configuration. Read the official doc for more details.

Option Description Default
projectKey Your woosmap Project public Key ''
componentRestrictions A grouping of places to which you would like to restrict your results. cf. documention {}
addressComponentRestrictions A grouping of countries (as ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 code) to which you would like to restrict your results. (example: {country: ["GBR","FRA"]} ) {}
types An array of types of predictions to return. cf. documention. (example: ["locality", "country"]) []
data Data standard or advanced. cf. documention. 'standard'
language Expected response language (ISO 639-1 code). Default is the country local or browser language. (example: 'de') ''


Restrict your search by Country

Specify the componentRestrictions parameter like this:

        const config = {
    woosmap: {componentRestrictions: {country: ['UK', 'FR', 'ES']}},
    google: {componentRestrictions: {country: ['UK', 'FR', 'ES']}}


Search for custom Woosmap Localities types

Specify the types parameter like this:

        const config = {
    woosmap: {types: ["locality", "postal_code", "admin_level", "country", "airport", "metro_station", "train_station", "shopping", "museum", "zoo", "amusement_park", "art_gallery", "tourist_attraction"]}